Joomla Services

Joomla Services

Joomla is a fast, reliable and easy to setup open-source content management system.

It is designed to facilitate end-users in building and managing their websites as well as other web-based applications. Based on an intuitive management interface for controlling various functionalities and features, Joomla employs object-oriented programming techniques and software patterns for storing data in MS SQL, PostgreSQL, and MySQL database.

Why your Business Needs Joomla Hosting?

Joomla CMS is supported by a secured hosting environment and is considered a popular choice for various websites, such as corporate sites, small business websites, blogs or news, websites with secured logins, and government applications.

Depending on your business requirements, Go4Hosting offers a wide range of Joomla hosting solutions at affordable prices. Our experts help you build content rich websites on our state-of-art CMS platforms.

What is Joomla?

Joomla is an open-source (CMS) content management system and application structure that powers 2.7% of the entire web. It is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool to build the website you need.

Now a day’s businesses, organizations and clubs can take benefit of dynamic, database driven websites that offer far more than just publishing text and images online. Today and into the future, Content Management System (CMS) based websites will dominate the marketplace. The most important features of a Joomla based site have the facility for clients to completely handle their site content and menus. This can be done on any computer, anywhere with Internet access.

Joomla CMS and its significance

Joomla Content Management System (aka Joomla CMS) is one of the most preferred content management systems available today. This open source software enables you to create websites that are dynamic and ever changing without having to worry about managing the content. The three tiered publishing system offered by Joomla makes it easy to organize articles from various sources and manage it efficiently. Joomla is the perfect solution for online magazines and newspapers, successfully ecommerce websites and corporate websites. The key attributes that make it popular are:

  • Easy integration into existing websites with minimal changes to design.
  • Simple to add modules to improve functionality
  • Simplified inventory control
  • Effective data reporting tools
  • Efficient tools for communication
  • In-built e commerce system for improved functionality
  • Choose Mitash – Get The Best Services at Affordable Costs
  • To ensure proper design, development and integration of Joomla modules, choosing the right professionals is important.
  • The Joomla CMS professionals at Mitash are highly versatile and experienced in this field and can provide optimal solutions within a short turnaround time.
  • We have successfully designed and developed multiple Joomla based websites across various verticals that have started bringing in a better return on investments.
  • For us at Mitash, providing the right ecommerce solution is more than just business; it is a ‘passion’ that drives us to excel, each time every time.
  • Joomla At Mitash – More than just ‘work’
  • We offer customized solutions to every client. We do not use predefined templates to come up with solutions since each client requirement is different.
  • You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will coordinate with you at every phase of Joomla application development.
  • The project manager and an exclusive team of professionals will work in close liaison with you to ensure you specifications are met and the right solution is delivered.
  • Periodic reports to track the progress in terms of design, development, integration and more.
  • Streamlined communication using simple terms, void of industry jargon, for increased productivity and efficiency
  • Approachable and accessible staff eager to resolve your queries